Sunday, March 25, 2012

My kid smells like a dirty hippie.

G smells like a dirty hippie.  Stereotype?  Maybe.  But seriously. My kid smells like she just got done clambaking a Volkswagon at a Grateful Dead concert.  The culprit?  Earth Mama, Angel Baby - Bottom Balm.

Grace's bottom has definitely seen better days.  We took her to the doctor last week about a little rash she'd developed along with a pesky diaper rash that wouldn't bugger off.  The doctor used one of the most irritating words in my parental opinion and told me it was 'viral'.  Viral - the blanket term used for seriously annoying things that they can't help you with.

And so, after investing in every type of butt cream, balm, and salve we could find - I decided to take a trip to the local health food store and get in touch with my inner naturalist.  As researched by G's Na Na, Weleda baby cream and Earth Mama got rave reviews.  $30 later, my little lady is running around nude and reeking of patchouli.  

G is snoring now, fast asleep in upstairs.  Her bottom is soothed and she is resting peaceful.  The smell of patchouli and jojoba oil is soothing and makes me feel a little less crappy about her sore little tush.  Hoping this stuff does the trick! 

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