Saturday, November 12, 2011

Box o' Grace

One of the coolest things since having Grace has been watching our existing family dynamics change.  Obviously you expect your family will welcome the little one with open arms and an open heart, but when the bonds really start to form is where the real fun comes in.  Grace is exceptionally close to my dad.  They clicked right from the get go.  When Grace was fussy or didn't want to sit still, my Dad's deep voice would soothe her.  His silly songs are Grace's favorite and nobody can rub her back like her 'pa'. 

With the addition of the word "gam-pa" to her vastly growing vocabulary, it's hard to remember that these two people only met a mere 15 months ago.  If you could see Grace's face light up when she sees him walk through the door you'd melt.  It's difficult to remember a time before Grace.

Anyway, 'Gam-pa' is going away this weekend and Grace will surely miss him terribly.  My dad joked this afternoon about not being able to go because he'd "miss us too much".  So, Grace and I created the "Box O' Grace".  No matter where he goes,  Gam-pa's bit of Grace won't be too far away. 

1 comment:

  1. That is so sweet how close Grace and her Grandpa are, I love the box you two made for him, so sweet!



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