Thursday, October 27, 2011

There is NOTHING easy about having a toddler.  My particular breed of toddler is into everything, which seems to be the toddlerish thing to do.  Although we've yet to teach any lasting lessons, I can tell that Grace gets it.  This little lady knows when she's up to no good and absolutely LOVES to test me. 

Ready to munch a rock.
But how do you discipline a toddler? As made clear by her insatiable appetite for rocks and other  outdoor rubbage, she's not doing this on purpose.  In Grace's brilliant little mind, pebbles have the exact same appeal as Goldfish crackers, and thus both go directly in the mouth.  And it doesn't stop there.   If Grace could talk, she'd totally tell you that she's equally in love with all things electrical, sharp, and dangerous.

Needless to say, getting things done during the day is virtually impossible.  We have a great little playpen for Grace that is filled to the brim with awesome toys and colorful books, all of which she wants nothing to do with.  To Grace, the playpen is nothing more than her own personal Alcatraz, and she will not go down without a fight. 

In other news, Halloween is Monday and I'm eager to see how things will play out.  I've been trying to teach Grace the concept of trick or treating, but haven't gotten far.  We peaked this afternoon as Grace held out her little pumpkin and yelled "Tit!".  Close enough I guess. 

I predict her actual trick or treating time will be brief, possible once or twice around the block.  I'm praying the weather holds up and that we won't have a wet little Dorthy running around, but in keeping with tradition, I'm preparing for a downpour.  Either way, rain or shine, tit or treat, things are sure to be exciting.  

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