Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Morning Shittastrophes and Other Fine Things

Today was definitely one of those days. We woke up later than usual this morning, which typically I wouldn't complain about as sleeping is my favorite thing to do.  But today there was a reason for this madness.  This culprit?  6 am construction crew from hell, who decided to start tearing up our parking lot bright and early.  Nobody slept well and thus we napped late into the morning.  Grace woke me up with a particular alarming howl.  Before my feet even touched the carpet, I knew what was ahead of me; A Grace special - aka, a shittastrophe. Grace was covered from head to toe in the most foul smelling poo I'd ever had the pleasure of experiencing.  I briefly fantasized about packing up all of our non poop covered belongings and moving, but quickly came back to reality and started the bath.

Nobody should have to deal with this much shit before breakfast.  Nobody.

After stripping Grace down and cleaning her up, I was off to the nursery where I knew I would soon be dry heaving.  While I was putting down fresh sheets and wiping down the walls, Grace was leisurely drinking her morning milk and watching my every move from her play pen.  I can't help but think that Grace knew exactly how shitty (no pun intended) of a morning this was for her dear ma, and thus knew better than to demand a five star breakfast.  Frozen waffles it was.

Things turned around pretty quick from there, but afternoon nap and bedtime we no easy feat.  This parking lot overhaul is allegedly supposed to be over within the next few days, THANK GOD, and I'm hopeful that Grace's schedule will recover quickly.

Some days are better than others in toddler-ville and unfortunately today fell into the "wish i could have slept all day, waking only to drink 40 margaritas, then continue on to more sleeping" category.

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