Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Forks are for chumps

Today during lunch, I realized Grace may be lacking some crucial skill within the art of table manners.  At thirteen months, I'm not quite sure if I'm behind or ahead of where we should be.  Just like her Mama, Grace prefers fingers to forks.  :)

One of the many curses of this blessed age of internet, is that you either find too much or too little on what you're looking for.  Today while scouring the internet for tips on the introduction of utensils, I realized just how much I have to learn.

Allegedly, the key to this process lies in the gradual, relaxed introduction.  Sounds easy enough, right?  Not for Grace.  Between fist fulls of grilled cheese and bits of car shaped macaroni,  Grace took great pleasure in gagging herself with her toddler fork.  

Lucky for us internet aged momma's, there are always plenty of eager Mommy Dearest types out there to let you know just how badly you're doing.  Exhibit A:

We started giving our son spoons & forks (plastic of course) right after he started feeding himself finger foods well. I believe he was 7 months old and he's now 14 months and can cut up his own dinner without spilling! Sooner the better!  Don't want them to be developmental behind! :(

Needless to say, I spent the rest of the afternoon justifying my failure and hoping Grace gets a hand of things.  Lucky for us, some genius out there invented pouches of fruit and veggies, designed for easy self feeding.  I've been giving these to Grace for months and she really loves them.  They are incredibly handy during grocery store breakdowns or long car rides, and are totally organic and all natural!!  As you can see, Grace LOVES them! 

When did your kiddie's start using silverware? 
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