Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Fellow Mamas = HATERS

In my neck of the woods, "mom friends" are hard to come by.  In these here parts, my fellow mothers seem to have a much better things to do than be courteous and friendly.  I was raised differently.  I was taught that if you pass someone on the sidewalk or are next to someone at a street corner or in line at the supermarket - to say hello and if appropriate, make small talk.  At the very  least, you exchange smiles.  

For reasons unbeknownst to me,  friendly Plymouth momma's are anything but friendly. (aka: RUDE)

Grace and I spend a lot of time cruising around town and do our very best to make friends.  Before I go own to sound too pathetic, I should remind you (and myself), that I've got my hands full enough with Grace.  This new "everything I touch goes in the mouth" stage, doesn't leave much time for socialization.  That being said, it would be nice to establish some Motherly camaraderie as we all scurry around the park together, doing our best to keep the pine cones out of the our kid's mouths.

No such luck here.  No one says 'hello' or 'good afternoon', and you should consider yourself lucky if you're on the receiving end of under 5 dirty looks per day.  Unfortunately, there is an overwhelming amount of judgment and arrogance amongst the Mama bears.  But why?

Yesterday though, things began to look up.  Ryan, Grace and I all took a long walk into town, hoping to enjoy some of the crisp fall weather.  We'd decided hot chocolate was an imperative part of our excursion and made a bee line for the nearest shop.   While waiting for our uber over priced thimble full of hot chocolate, it happened.  A mother and her son began to chat us up! I was thrilled.  Her son was waving to Grace and she was commenting on our deluxe wagon.  It started to go down hill quickly.  Grace gave her son 'the look', as we affectionately call it, and refused to wave back at the little guy.  He got closer to Grace and continued to wave valiantly. The rejection in his eyes was hard to watch.  Grace continued to frown.  Just then, as I was silently willing Grace to play ball and exchange cutesy moves with the little guy, Ryan chimes in.  

"Watch out, she bites!"
Everybody PANICS.  Kid looks scared.  Mom looks horrified.
Without any further conversation, the Mother grabbed her son and quickly left the shop.  For those who know Ryan, you know he is a jokester of epic proportions.  Unfortunatly, my fellow Mama missed the joke and scurried off before I could nervously laugh and defuse the situation.  Another mom friends bites the dust.
I'm sure I gave Ryan a bit too much grief for this innocent joke, but I'm sure he'd understand if he saw just what kind of ladies occupy the mean streets of P-town.  Friendliness is hard to come by and conversation is priceless.  

And so it continues.  Grace and I against the world. :) 

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