Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Shoulda, Woulda, Shutup

There are always so many things I should be doing.  I should be doing laundry.  I should be teaching Grace to feed herself using her baby silverware, whilst drinking strictly from a sippy cup.  I should be cooking more meals and I should definitely be balancing our budget better.  Here's the trouble.  I haven't the time to do $h*t!  

With Grace as active as ever, these days I'm lucky to land a shower.  Most of the day is spent trying to keep Grace out of trouble and positively stimulated.  I'm good with this.  Most days, Grace and I's energy levels are about equal.  I love to get out and do things - be it a walk to the park or a homemade play dough project.  But lately, between chasing around a little one and combating the daily obstacles that come with a toddler,  I don't have enough hours left in the day to do much else.  

Our newest challenge/struggle is Grace's diet.  Now officially off formula and on to whole milk, I'm a bundle of nerves!  Having transitioned to mainly table food a few months ago, not much has changed in G's diet - except for removal of formula.  This makes me nervous!  Grace has always been a great eater, putting up very little fuss over what she eats, and seemingly enjoying everything!  However, in months past, if Grace ate a light lunch after her afternoon bottle, I wasn't as concerned as I am now.  The supplemental nutrition of the formula was like a little extra cushion in her diet, just in case she didn't feel like eating her banana or her peas. 

This is quite the transition for a chick like me.  Prior to mommy-hood, I could have happily survived on corn dogs and diet coke .  (I know, that's disgusting)  Fortunately,  Grace has had a positive effect on Ryan and I's eating habits as well.  With Grace eating what we eat and my complete aversion to feeding Grace less than the best, Ryan and I are forced to eat better than we would have.  Just another reason we're so lucky to have this little lady around! 

So, herein lies the problem.  Where the eff do I find the time to whip up said toddler cuisine?  Lately the only hours I have free of a this 13 month old banshee are after 10pm, once she's fast asleep.  

Looks like I'll be burning the midnight oil tonight, squeezing laundry, shopping, and meal planning in before dawn!  Yippee!

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