Monday, September 19, 2011

Sick and Tired

The title says it all.  I'm sick and I'm tired.  Literally.

Three days ago, Ryan came down with a touch of something that I was sure I'd already had.  Symptoms including scratchy throat, stuffy nose, and general ickyness - I figured he was just being a guy and frankly, a real baby.  But as per usual, the cold gods spare no one in their vicious attempt at making life harder than it already is and now this Momma is down with the sickness.

As I said above, life is already a pain in the butt a lot  of the time.  Running errands and doing housework, while chasing a toddler are difficult feats for the healthiest of folk.  Today, I'm running low on health, motivation, and patience.  Grace has taken a real liking to climbing, leaving no bookshelf, couch or chair unscaled.  After researching positive forms of discipline and techniques for stopping negative behavior, I'm running out of warm and fuzzy 'distraction'.  Today, there has been a lot of "NO!"'s flying around.

But now, with Grace in her crib and my butt on the computer, I'm able to pity myself for a moment before returning to the job you can't call in sick to.  Oh how I miss the luxury of a taking a 'sick day', and spending the afternoon sipping tea and flipping through books in bed.  Instead, after dosing myself heavily with DayQuil and a quick TV dinner, I'm off to pilfer through the disarray that is my living room in attempt to create some organization where there is currently disaster.  If I'm lucky, Grace will nap for a full hour or two, and I can tackle the monstrous pile of laundry that is overflowing into the hallway.   

Sickness doesn't mesh well with responsiblity, particularly the type of responsibility that you can't slough off onto someone else.  Just as I did yesterday and through the many months before this,  I've got to man up and take care of business.  

Now if only I could quit blowing my nose for a moment, I could get down to business! :)


  1. Hi Rachel. I'm Laura. I love your blog, and your little girl is just precious. :) I was hoping we could link up! Check out my blog and see what you think.

  2. Hi Laura! Thanks for reading! I will definitely check your blog out!

  3. Hope you are feeling better, I have those day too....great blog by the way.



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