Saturday, September 17, 2011

Okay.  So I am so over this toddling stage.  Grace is a well established walker and an even better climber, so we've been hovering a bit less.  We have a 'Grace proof' living room, equipped with baby gates and padded walls.  So far, from 8 and a half months old, this living room has done the trick for keeping Grace safe...until yesterday.  After an exhausting day, Grace and I had finally started to relax.  Grace was walking back and forth through the living room, 'mowing' the carpet with her little pink lawnmower.  Being the renegade our daughter is, we weren't surprised to watch her willfully crash her mower into the wall, creating a domino effect - lawnmower down, Grace down.  This isn't my first rodeo and I'm well seasoned in soothing G's boo-boos.  I swooped her up and commenced my usual cuddle/shush/kiss Mommy magic.  Then I saw the blood.  All. Freaking. Over.  

No worse for the wear.

I immediately began searching for the source.  With a blubbering toddler, this was easier said than done.  After a moment of searching, while felt like an hour, I realized she'd badly cut the inside of her mouth, just about her front teeth.  Following a quick examination of her gums and count of teeth,  we both began to relax a bit. Lots of tissues and a popsicle later, Grace was back at it. 

Truth is, I'm kind of in love with the toddler stage.  We have a blast together and Grace seems to enjoy everything!  I'm not sure I've met a happier little girl!  This incident aside, I'd like for Grace to stay like this forever.  Sadly, I know this isn't the last of the falls, cuts, and blood.  I can only HOPE that it doesn't get too much worse!


  1. it's a good thing kids are resilient, or else gage would have run away from our family years ago due to injury. i swear, he's so clumsy. we're cleaning up skinned knees and elbows every single day. it gets old. :)

  2. As the injuries go on, I'm trying to panic a bit less. Just hoping things don't get too much worse!



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