Sunday, July 24, 2011

We're Baaaaacccckkk!

It's been way too long since my last post, but I intend on making a serious come back, starting NOW!

Brand New
It's hard to believe that Grace will be one next month.  I remember bringing the little nugget home for the hospital, terrified I might add, like it was yesterday.  Ryan was the happiest I've ever seen him, barely dropping his ear to ear grin.  I, on the other hand, was horrified.  Grace was beautiful. She had entered this world fairly calm, with intense eyes and a need to see everything.  It goes without saying that I was trilled to have my baby home, safe and healthy, yet the hospital pamphlets and 'What to Expect' articles didn't quite prepare me for what was ahead.  We left the hospital with the cautionary warning that Grace was at a higher risk for sudden infant death syndrome due to her difficult birth and jaundice. Needless to say, this warning quickly moved itself to the forefront of my mind, leaving most postpartum bliss by the wayside. 

Is there anything more horrifying than SIDS for a new parent? NO.  NOT. EVEN. CLOSE.

We made it though those first few months with minimal trouble, excluding a brief period of colic and a couple of fevers, although I admit - my obsessive checking of Grace in the middle of the night has become routine.  The risk of SIDS has come and gone, the fear of something happening to my little girl hasn't budged. 

Months passed, Grace and I both grew.  Grace was learning every day and so was I.  As Grace was learning how to do such things as hold her own bottle, to press 'Her Pal Violet's' foot to make her sing, scooting, crawling, and shortly there after walking -- I tried frantically to keep up.  

I didn't immediately realize it, but over the past 11 months,  I was witnessing the evolution of a human life.  How. Freakin. Amazing. 

Now almost a year, Grace has a personality of her own - and a sassy one at that. As I watch Grace play with her toys and books, it occurs to me that her life is just beginning and how lucky I am to be able to show her the ropes.

 As we prepare for Grace's first birthday celebration, I can honestly say this first year hasn't been an easy one, and that I'll willingly move forward.  I know there is much fun and love in the future for Grace and I and eagerly look forward to the years ahead.  But while I won't miss the sleepless nights and 3am feedings, I will miss the snuggles.  Grace is a fearless little girl who doesn't want to miss a thing and with her now in full walk/run mode, there isn't much time left for cuddles. I hope they'll be back someday soon :) 

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