Sunday, May 22, 2011

The Rapture, Walking, and Other Fine Things

Every couple of weeks, I run into a peculiar woman who greets me with a friendly yet alarming cackle. Her voice is high and unmistakable.  By the time she spots me it is too late, as she often gains on me silently leaving me no route of escape.  This woman attends the same church as I do. Well, technically. By any definition, I'm a bad Catholic - one who often chooses sleep over service, has abundant faith but occasionally forgets to give thanks, and who has been known to  use the Lord's name in vain after exhausting all other available curse words.  This being said, I'm counting on God to understand my circumstance, accept my flaws, and hopefully have a good sense of humor.  

Anyway, this woman once again appeared on one of Grace and I's walks about town.  I'm sure she was shopping one of the ritzy boutiques, but this woman's dramatic entrance suggests she may have been lurking behind the hedge waiting for me to pass.  She is jovial and friendly and usually comments on how great it was to see my at church the previous Sunday.  Panic ensues.

As I stated before, I'm not batting a real strong average on Sunday Mass attendance.

The exchange is the same every time.  She says how nice it was seeing "my hubby and I" at Church, and how cute "my little BOY" is.  While I silently debate on which correction I should make first, I glace down at my "little guy". With her pink sun hat cocked, apple juice hanging out of her mouth, and her big brown eyes looking back at me - our Mother-Daughter tag team skills kick in full force.  As though to say "get this lady out of my face", Grace lets out a huge burp and casually continues drinking. Meanwhile my mental calculations decide that informing this woman that Ryan isn't my husband, we haven't been to church in a month, and that Grace is in fact a girl - could be too much for her to take.  Shamefully, I told her I'd see her at church again real soon.   

Just my luck, this Rapture business develops not but a week after my little fib.  Lucky for us, we're still around and the extent of our Rapture was an explosive "shitastrophe", as I like to call it, courtesy of Miss. Grace yesterday evening.

As it were, Grace has also reached another major milestone this week! Grace took her first steps, towards her Grandpa Hogan, a couple of days ago and hasn't stopped since! It was amazing to see how proud she was of herself, as though our cheers weren't enough!  Not yet 9 full months old, I can tell that this baby will be VERY active!


  1. around christmas time, mall santa told me how cute my little girl was, even though my son was wearing all blue and green. maybe santa was color blind?

  2. So awesome! I'm so happy she took her first steps toward Grandpa Hogan - I bet he was thrilled :)



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