Saturday, May 14, 2011

The Only Music My Daughter Hates, is Mine.

A Much Needed Break from Jingle Bell Hell.
Jingle Bells is a happy song every where else but here.  Over the last week or so, I have been attempting some self taught Piano lessons via book/CD.  I wish I could report that this was going well, but realized in a hurry that not everyone is born musically inclined.  Regardless of my passion for music and immense respect for those who create it, I'm dangerously close to throwing in the towel.  I understand octaves, key placement, and have even started to grasp proper hand position, but this sheet music stuff is for the birds.  Whole notes, half notes, rests, oh my.  Having already thrown my lesson book against the wall twice, I've finally made it through the second measure of Jingle Bells and fear that Grace may never recover from the Christmas music massacre of 2011.  

Oh what fun it is to hear Mom play this god forsaken song 1300 times a day

Truckin' Along.
In other news, Grace is rocking her custom helmet in style.   She doesn't seem to mind it too much, until it is time to cuddle up and go to sleep.  Cold plastic isn't quite as fun to cuddle as freshly washed baby hair, but we're hanging in there.  So far, the plan is one month of helmet wear, then back to our little fuzzy head.  We're crossing our fingers as tonight is the first night of full helmet wear. Here's hoping for a peaceful evening.  

Grace's new bionic look has sparked much conversation.  It is amazing how many people will walk right up and demand to know why the heck your kid has a helmet on their head.  Comments and glares vary from well meaning strangers, to accusatory catch phrases like "must be the Mom's fault",  "I would NEVER put a helmet on my baby's head", or "That's weird."

Just in case motherhood isn't guilt riddling enough, I always have complete strangers to remind me of what I'm doing wrong! 

I've debated on ordering custom signage for Grace's helmet, stating that she's robotic, or that the helmet is necessary for containing her epic brain power, but have yet to place my order.  Something along the lines of "don't ask annoying and rude questions to people you don't know" has crossed my mind as well.  Come on people.  We're in the age of Google.  Look it up if you're curious. 

In other news, Grace embarked on her "mimicking" stage almost simultaneously with her "climbing" stage.  Just as Grace was climbing the couch to reach the much desired remote control, Ryan and I shook our heads and said "No!".  Grace responded by shaking her head back at us and continuing on her journey up the couch arm. Grace now laughs when we laugh, chuckling til' we're all in tears.   

She's changing so much every day and we're loving all her new little tricks! 


  1. just put a sign on it that says "don't be rude"
    she looks great! i'm so glad i got to finally meet her. i love your blog so much.

  2. Thanks for reading Chelsea! Your Grace is adorable too!



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