Sunday, March 6, 2011

Dear Spring, Get Here FAST!

First things first.  Grace's X-rays came back normal! Although we were pretty confident they would be normal, we were still fearful of the 'freak' result, showing some condition or defect we weren't even looking for.  The results took a few days to get back to us, prompting me to use any and all idle time hounding the pediatrician's office for feedback.  Needless to say, we were extremely relieved when we finally received the call.  The next step in this unexpected detour is physical therapy to get those neck muscles moving!  We are expecting to hear from U of M specialists this week and hopefully starting therapy soon after.  The jury is still out of the use of a helmet to correct Grace's mildly asymmetrical head shape.  In the meantime, we're still pushing Grace to rest on the other side of her head, hoping that will help to get the ball rolling.  I feel terrible that my little monkey may have to wear a helmet, mostly because when I think about myself wearing a helmet - I want to scream,  but I know it's for the best.  I've already begun shopping for stickers and drafting up ideas for Grace's tricked out helmet! :)

In other news, Grace and I are more than ready for Spring! We've got the stroller ready and outfits planned for our upcoming Spring walks.  One of the few places we manage to frequent despite the bitter Michigan cold, is the library.  As I've said before, their children's section is amazing.  We look at picture books, play with puppets, and in Grace's case - nap.  She is getting more and more interested in her surroundings.  She has no problem traveling with her Momma, just as long as I've got a blanket and a bottle to boot. Once spring officially arrives, I expect Grace and I will walk right from home to the library, enjoying the weather.  I can hardly wait!

Finally, we've officially removed Grace's crib bumpers.  Grace has a flair for working her way into the corner of her crib, pulling her blanket over her face, and jamming her blanket covered face into the padded wall of her crib - usually while sleeping peacefully.  Not only was I terrified of finding Grace tangled up in bumpers and blankies, but she had also entered the early stages of crib "jail break".   She would systematically pull the bumpers down, peer through the wooden slats, and pull herself to her knees along the railing.  The first time I saw this, my blood pressure went up five points and I promptly removed the bumpers and lowered the crib mattress. 

All is good on the home front, just crossing our fingers that Grace continues to do well and that the snow stays the heck away from Michigan. 

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