Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Extremely blurry attempt at a tooth shot.
The gums are cut and the tooth is peeking through! Lurking in the shadows of Grace's mouth, beneath the bananas and Enfamil, there lies a tooth.  After what felt like an eternity of teething, we're finally seeing pearly whites.  Grace is now well into the "2nd Food" stage, enjoying varieties such as mango-banana, apple-cinnamon, and nearly anything else you put in front of her.  Don't let her tiny frame fool you, this little lady has got one heck of an appetite!

Grace is very active these days, climbing on everything, and occasionally toppling on her bottom.  She's taken a real interest in her surroundings.  She goes all around town with her Momma usually without contest.  But home is definitely where this little lady's heart is.  We've got a toy chest full of toys, which are most often found strewn across the living room floor.  Lucky for us, Grace's attention span is growing too! She played with her kitchen for 10 whole minutes! (only to be distracted by Momma snapping photos - hence the karate kid pose as she reached out for the camera) 
Kitchen Love
Karate Kid

Grace even managed to stand up for a while, only to pull the kitchen off the ottoman - landing directly on Momma's toe.  The kitchen was banished to the toy chest promptly
This Ended Badly.

Grace is changing everyday.  I look back to pictures of her taken months ago and can hardly remember her then.  It seems like time seamlessly blends stages.  While motherhood isn't all sunshine and roses, the time has a way of passing too quickly and making you wish you could return to former days.  I can't say I miss sleepless nights and colic quite as much as I'd like to, but the greeting of a freshly woken baby, with restful eyes and a gummy smile each morning is something I'll never get enough of.

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