Friday, February 4, 2011

Too Young for Ma'am.

It is customary for women, when asked to reveal their age, to shun away such inquiries and respond with some clever quip about how they aren't "that old". I'm not this kinda lady.  I'm twenty four.  Soon to be twenty five.  Contrary to the lies that Seventeen magazine and other such publications peddle, THIS IS NOT OLD! 

Today, while at CVS, a young male cashier who appeared to be 17-ish, refereed to me as Ma'am.  While the title "Ma'am" doesn't carry any negative connotation, I guess I had gotten quite comfortable with Miss. I contemplated this change for a few moments after leaving the store.  Was it something I said? Had I overlooked some hip new trend? What the hell? First I considered my purchase.  Pens. Soda. Invitations. Nothing suggestive there. After this, I realized that it was nice for the young man to call me something other than " hey you" or "her", and tried to let it go. The worst part wasn't the word itself.  It was how many times he said it! 

"Hello, Ma'am"
"Do you need anything, Ma'am?"
"I'll be right with you, Ma'am"

Over..and over...and over..and over..and over...

Now, I've done some research and according to the powers that be, the term "Ma'am" is most appropriate for women over 40 and authoritative figures.   It is often used to get someones attention or to address a formal letter. By all means, if you see me drop a $20, call me whatever you'd like. I'm aware that I'm no spring chicken - but do I look over 40? Haaarrssh.  Don't be fooled by my womanly, maternal figure and the coal colored bags beneath my eyes - these hips are 24, which means I can be Miss for a little while longer.

 From here on out, lets save the "Ma'am"'s for your Granny and Police Officers.

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  1. Goodness, now I feel really old at 41.

    Have a great weekend!
    CJ xx



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