Sunday, February 6, 2011

Dear Grace

Dear G.
It seems like it was only yesterday when you were kicking up a storm in my belly.  Before I felt these first kicks, I wasn't sure I'd like the feeling.  Something about a little person kicking me from the inside out was a bit creepy.  I was wrong.  At first, it was fluttering - hardly noticeable unless I held completely still. Later, you're kicking was anything but subtle.  You became what I'd refer to as "my little gymnast", flipping and rolling, visually distorting my belly.  I loved it! I can't believe those days are gone already.
You arrived with quite a bang.  Sadly, your name is not a reflection of your birth.  I had some complications and a day and a half of labor, but you finally you made your arrival.  You were born on the Leo/Virgo cusp.  I attribute you're stubborn birth to the Virgo in you - just like Aunt Kate :). They left you in the room with me shortly after you we born and your little squeals scared me. I wasn't sure I'd make a good mother.  I wasn't even sure I could take care of myself in this life, let alone somebody so small and dependent. It started with 2 ounces of Enfamil - as often as you wanted.  Soon it was 4, now we're at 6. You didn't fit into newborn diapers even at the beginning. We started with size ones and moved on quickly.  You had a bit of colic, nothing too terrible, but you definitely let us know when you were unhappy. Before I knew it, 4 months had passed by.  You'd made it through shots, twice, and survived your first cold. It wasn't long before formula wasn't enough.  We started with rice and moved quickly to bananas.  Its amazing what little mess you make when eating bananas, licking up every last drop! You like almost everything, bananas and squish the most, but cry when you see its green bean day.  

Spring is almost here, or at least I keep telling myself that, and I can't wait for us to adventure out! I think you get as sick of being inside as I do, which is clear by the grin you get on your face when we're in the car!  I must admit, I'm counting on you to get me going come springtime - walks daily and much better eating. I'm watching you now, wiggle around on the ground,  getting SO close to crawling, and I'm feeling that same fear I felt not too long ago.  Looking back, things seem so much easier when you would sit in your swing, content and filled with wonderment.  Now, you're main source of entertainment comes from trying to jump out of the swing (queue the removal of swing from the premises). I know things will get busier and much more chaotic, but I think we can handle it :) I'm looking forward to the months to come! 

Love you,

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