Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Go, Gracie, Go

Grace attempting to eat the childproofing book
 Well she isn't necessarily "crawling", but she's definitely rocking the Army scoot.  Grace is up, mostly, and on the move.  While attempting to fill the tub today, Grace managed to scoot herself all of the way to the bathroom floor from the living room.  Granted this is only a couple of feet, but it was a major hurdle (and terrifying preview for Mom and Dad) in Grace's battle to crawl.  Per this new development, I scurried off to the library to fetch any and all information on baby proofing.  Now, a child threat extraordinaire, and neurotic as ever, I am debating on emptying the entire apartment and padding the walls.  The book warned of corners, steps, walls, cords, and any other household normalcy I could imagine.  Grace objects to childproofing. 

Cutest. Picture. Ever.
Following Grace's dramatic leap of mobility, we actually got her into the tub.  Gone are the days of the Grace's "wtf?" tub face, now its time to pass the ducky.  Grace has tons of bath toys, which I pushed right from right around her 3 month birthday.  Once completely oblivious to their existence, Grace has welcomed her own personal Noah's Arch of bath friends - including ducky, lobster, whale, star fish, and piggy .  Can you tell which doesn't belong?

The shackles of early motherhood are breaking and Grace has officially started running errands with Momma.  Move over wobbly headed, limp sitting baby - Grace is here and ready to go Krogering.   Momma, Daddy, and monkey successful navigated every  isle of the grocery store, grabbing everything we needed and a few things we didn't, with a very entertained baby in place in our shopping cart.  I must admit, it took me awhile to settle into the fact of have Grace around strangers.  I created a scenario in my mind where a crazy person ran off with my shopping cart, complete with my little monkey strapped in the front seat.  I probably looked a little bit ridiculous clinging onto the cart like a mad woman but you never know.  Fortunately, I'm much less concerned with my psychotic appearance than I am about taking care of Grace.  The thought of something happening to her is too much to take. 

With yesterday being Valentines day, I tried desperately to capitalize on the holiday and capture a photo of Grace's first V-day. I picked up a "be my first valentine" bib at the store and eagerly put it on her.  In true Hogan fashion, Grace smeared pears and oatmeal on it before a photo was captured.  Turns out Grace has the same feelings on Valentine's Day as her Momma. 

Ryan and I visited the Detroit Institute of Arts on Sunday, for a little bit of couple time.  My Mom watched the monkey so we could enjoy the afternoon (thanks Mom!) and we had a blast.  We have a lot of the same taste in things and art is no exception.  It was fantastic being able to leisurely walk around without the fear of an unhappy baby.  But the trip wasn't without it's low points.  Somewhere between Van Gogh and the medieval armor, were several pieces that depicted Mother and child.  Every. Single. One. of these made me miss Grace to pieces.  I can't wait until she's a bit older and can enjoy things like this. 

Well that is all I have to report for now, but I'll say this. Grace is growing a mile a minute and I know I'll be running around the house (and anywhere else we travel) after her in no time.  She's amazing and has fulfilled my life in ways I didn't think were possible.

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  1. Hey there, just found your blog on Top Baby Blogs. You have such an adorable little girl! Looking forward to reading more. I would love for you to stop by http://www.nestingwithniall.blogspot.com some time :)

  2. Found you on Top Baby Blogs!!! Your baby is absolutely gorgeous!!! The crawling-scooting stage is sooo much fun!



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