Saturday, February 12, 2011

Worst. Mom. Ever.

I think a huge part of motherhood is guilt.  While motherhood is filled with a plethora of emotions, guilt, regret, and remorse are on the front line.  I'm sure most mothers will agree when I say that playing Mommy is the most challenging role a woman will ever take on.  Is my baby big enough? Is she small enough? Has she eaten enough? Eaten too much? Does she sleep enough? The questions are endless and have brought stronger women than I, to their knees in uncertainty.  Today, I deemed myself the worst mom ever. While changing Grace's diaper and tickling her little belly, I noticed it.  The dreaded belly button funk.  What exactly made up this debris? No one knows.  Lint, baby gunk, and this mornings peaches was my guess.  Anyway, I promptly chalked it up to my neglectful motherly ways.  I should have seen it.  Was it bothering her? Irritating her skin? Did I let her down? It's my job to keep that belly button clean! How could I?! 

Combine Momma's tears,  guilt, a dash of heart ache, and a pinch of anxiety and you have today's belly button fiasco. Fortunately, Grace survived the incident and was no worse for the wear after some peaches. Turns out, G doesn't much care about the happenings of her belly button, just so long as you've got some fruit near by.  

It wasn't long before I let go of my failure as a mother and did some good, honest self reflection. Motherhood is challenging. No parent is perfect no matter how clean their baby's belly is.  There are highs and lows, good days and bad. With this said, I have set my hopes realistically.  Grace will get dirty, she will bump her noggin, and she may possibly use curse words (which her dad obviously taught her).  Until then, I will try to remember that as new parents, we are all amateurs - faking it til' we make it. 


  1. new follower here! i found you on tbb. :)

    don't worry about being a faker. our kids don't know the difference....yet.



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