Friday, December 17, 2010

Desperately Seeking Sleep

I have nobody to blame but myself (and Ryan of course :). Our sweet girl Grace is on the worst sleep schedule known to man! 

Once a pretty good sleeper, usually catching a couple of hours during the day for naps and about 7 each night, has completely reset her schedule.  Ryan and I are both night owls to the core and therefore usually don't mind if Grace is up late.  At 8am however, Ryan and I are still struggling to settle the little lady down.  From about 3am to 8am - Grace is ready to party!

I'm not sure I fully comprehended the true meaning of the word 'exhaustion', before Grace began her nightly 3am rally.  Unfortunately, as I mentioned before - this is entirely Ryan and I's fault. Ryan has exposed Grace to the pure joy that is 3am "flying trips with daddy",and I can barely stand to hear the poor girl cry in her crib, even for a moment, and thus always rush right in.  Turns out, I've not done anyone any favors.  Ryan and I are running around on empty at 3am, our eyes adorned with bags on top of bags - and Grace isn't quite sure how to soothe herself back to sleep. Humm.

I realize that the first step in correcting this vicious sleep cycle starts with us.  We need to rise at an earlier hour and wake our little lady up as well.  Ideally, this will remedy the 2pm sleep in and make for an earlier bedtime.  But gosh! It is much more difficult that it seems to wake a sleeping baby when you yourself are overcome with exhaustion.  The idea of letting the little monkey sleep in, while I catch a couple of afternoon Zzz's is much too tempting! 

 Must. Fight. Urge. To. Nap! 

Anyhow, we're trying.  Little by little, we are attempting to wake her earlier and put her down earlier.  I am working on letting her "cry it out" (just a little) and am hoping she learns to calm her self a bit better too.  Here's hoping I haven't created a monster!

Any fellow Mom's out there who want to offer up some suggestions - I'll be up all night!

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