Monday, December 20, 2010

Too Much Too Soon?

This post isn't really about Grace. Not at all really.  It is simply a post to expose my readers (if there are any of you out there) to the newest sensation on the market. 

Mamamor dolls.  The bonding, breastfeeding, and birthing - doll.  Not really sure about this.  

I liked dolls as much as the next kid, maybe more.  I particularly loved baby dolls.  I loved changing their diapers, feeding this fictitious bottles, and rocking them to sleep.  While their rolling eyes weren't really my cup of tea, they got nothing on these dolls.  The childhood obsession of many young girls is often to play Momma as opposed to actually being the baby.  I'm into this. Between their soft plastic skin and plush cotton bodies, whats not to love?  Upon actually having my daughter Grace, I do look back and wish they would have better prepared me for how stinky an actual diaper can get, or what day old throw up on your shoulder truly smells like - but I suppose that may have taken some of the magic out of things.  

These dolls don't "wet" diapers.  You don't feed them bottles or rock them to sleep.  You ever so gently assist them in giving birth to their very own dolls. Bizarre sounding, I know. I'm on the fence about these dolls.  From an educational perspective, these may be just the ticket.  I'm sure if you brought this little lady to a sex education class, girl may actually grasp the act of childbirth.  I find myself drawn to the appearance of the dolls, yarn hair and hippie style clothes and accessories, but as a toy for small children - this may be somewhat traumatizing.

I'm conflicted though. If the goal is to capture the magic of childbirth, I demand some real life details. Had the birth of Grace been as easy as Mamamor's depiction, I may feel differently. Either way.  If the goal is to educate children and adults, these dolls may romanticize things a bit too much.  However, if the goal is some good old fashion role playing through marketing them as children's toys, I think I'd stick to the traditional rolling eyes and empty baby bottles.  Just my opinion.  

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