Thursday, December 16, 2010

Four Months Old!

Well, it has begun.  Puddles of drool, rosy checks, and a half gnawed off little fist.  Grace is teething.  Fortunately, Grace went ahead and spared me of one of my biggest prenatal fears - natal teeth.  If you aren't familiar with this, think Gerber baby meets Chunk from the Goonies.  Yeah.  Natal teeth.  Google it.

I'm assuming things will get worse before they get better on the teething front, but we're hanging in there.  Grace finds that with a little rocking, the occasional dropper of cherry Tylenol, and her Mama's knuckle pressed firmly against her gum, she feels pretty darn good.

In other news, I have successfully navigated my way through the shopping portion of Grace's first Christmas.  Toys R' Us wasn't nearly as bad as I thought it would be this time of year, although the store's 105º temperature wasn't ideal.  Kids really have it made these days. The days of regular Monopoly and blond Barbie dolls are over.  Say hello to digital Scrabble and Barbies luxury townhouse and jet plane.  I wouldn't mind some Christmas gifts from Toys R' Us myself! (an I pad perhaps?) My final stop was at a store called Tuesday Morning.  The name was intriguing and I had extra time on my hands, so I figured what the heck.  I realized right away that I was the only customer in the store and assumed it was due to the excess of snow we had gotten that afternoon.  After grabbing a few quick items, I was off to checkout, feeling fairly satisfied with my experience at Tuesday Morning.  After some small talk with the clerk about the snow, the cold, the roads, and the lack of customers, she offered me what I assume was supposed to be some type of retail "pat on the back". 

"Well I guess only the brave are out today.  Look at you, pregnant and shopping the day away."

I wished the clerk a happy holiday and sulked out, without correcting her.  I guess I only thought people accidentally assumed women were pregnant in the movies.  I quickly realized that the only thing worse than the store clerk assuming I was pregnant, was me - telling her I was not in fact pregnant, just a little thick.

So with this weeks exciting events as they were, Grace and I will begin Mommy and Me Yoga this week.  I'm sure Grace will be bored and unimpressed, but Mama needs to lose this baby weight and I'm taking Grace along for the ride!  (Sure I may have had some of this weight pre-baby, but that is neither here nor there) I can no longer blame my disgraceful addiction to fast food and chocolate on my budding baby. Now its just me and these cankles, and possibly a fistful of Rolos.  

Starting January 1st, Daddy and Mama will attempt to "cut the crap".  No more fast food, candy, sugary soda, and junk food in general. (What the heck am I going to eat?!)  Sadly, I lack any semblance of self control and thus must forbid myself from being around any such food - or I will surely eat it all. I generally repel any type of New Years resolution success, but plan on making this one triumphant!  

(or at least I keep telling myself that)

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  1. My dearest Rachel, you are not alone. At a BBQ this summer, solo cup of keg beer in one hand, cheeseburger in the other, I was talking to someone at the party who stopped mid-conversation and said (get this): "'s that going?", pointing to my stomach. I replied "my beer? it's good." and gave him a look of poignant confusion. Red faced, we both realized what he meant at the same time. I think I may get on that anti-Rolo train with you guys come January 1st.



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