Monday, June 3, 2013

My kid is cooler that yours.

So my kid is kind of a comedian.  She has a way of picking up the vibe, particularly when nothing is going right and we really need a laugh, and just drops a hilarious bomb on us. Today, somewhere between dinner and bath time, Grace was roaming stark naked in her natural habitat, surrounded by toys, books and left over green beans, and took me out.  

"I have a hole in my butt!!!! I have a hole in my butt, Mama!!!!!!!!!!!!" - Grace

 I'll be honest.  I wasn't really sure how to properly address her discovery and how to defuse the slight panic in her voice.  Obviously I died laughing.  Then told her that we all have holes in our butts.  Momma has a hole.  Daddy has a hole.  And Gracie has a hole.  This felt weird, but seemed to set her mind at ease.  

Grace is a freakin' rock star.  This kid makes friends where ever she goes, is smart a whip, can count to fifteen in Spanish (which is a struggle for me after years of Spanish), always leads the pack at the playground and is outrageously hilarious.  God, I love her. 

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  1. I have nominated you for the Liebster Blog Award!!



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