Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Tomorrow marks yet another first for Grace and I.  This one is much more enjoyable than many of those that have come before it; better than the first diaper, the first ER trip, the first curse word or the first spankingMuch better.  Our first "Mommy and Me" class is tomorrow, and I'm geeked!! 

I've laid G's clothes out and prepped her bag and snack.  Yes, I'm taking it a little too seriously and treating it more like her first day of elementary school instead of the chaperoned hour and a half of mommy and me madness that it is.  But, I'm still super excited.  

The excitement isn't without a little anxiety.  Grace isn't the best share-er.  Sometimes she gets a little slappy and she has been know to let out an unintentional, ill-advised "shiit".  Sometimes she rips her clothes of and runs around nude yelling "OK!", and if she's bored with you or whatever activity you're peddling she might give you the death stare.  Remember this gem?  - Not much has changed, she's only perfected it.

 That being said, she is adorable and funny and totally fearless.  A school like environment should be a welcomed change for Grace.  If she doesn't bitch slap, bite, or curse out any of the other 2-4 year olds, we're good. 

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