Monday, May 21, 2012

Hellllo, Terrible Twos.

It has been quite awhile since I've blogged and it makes me really sad.  Between working nearly full time and early onset terrible twos, any free time we get is spent folding laundry, grocery shopping, scrubbing crayon off the walls, or begging for an early bedtime.  

 Since I last wrote, things have taken an interesting turn here in toddlerville.  Grace is really testing us lately; pushing any and every limit we impose.  She will be two in August but seems a little ahead of the curve on the whole 'terrible two' business.   I've done copious amounts of reading on the subject, looking for effective ways of 'disciplining'  (so to speak) our little girl, in a way that she'll respond to.  So far, I want to punch Dr. Spock, What to Expect, and the folks over at Baby Center in the face.  The last gem I read suggested that I make 'home a place where the number of "no's" isn't overwhelming".  I'd like to offer the author of this article the same thing my 19 month old offered me, a nice hard slap to the face.  Tell me about 'seeing the humor in it' with a stinging red imprint of Grace's hand on your cheek. 

I often wonder if the neighbors are keeping track of the amount of times I shout "No!" throughout the day.  Lately it feels like that is the extent of our conversation over here.  Grace has figured out how to jimmy all of the drawer locks in the kitchen, unlatch the toilet seat lock, and mastered the art of dropping valuables down the heat vents.  I've tried distraction and have calmly explained to her why whatever mischief she's into isn't okay.  We encourage Grace to explore her freedom and have as much fun as humanly possible, but safety is a concern when she's deep sea fishing in the downstairs bathroom.

I'm aware that there isn't a lot to be done about this behavior when they're so young but it's really hard to deal with.  We have tantrums ever 15 minutes, I'm hit in the face at least twice every time we're out in public, and Grace is getting more and more particular about how she likes things by the day.  Are we raising a little monster or is this just par for the course?  

As always though, there is a silver lining.  Sometimes its difficult to locate on days like today, but she seems to know when to let it shine.  Mid mischief, just when I'm about to excuse myself to the bathroom for an afternoon cry session, she throws me this look.  

potty on head, mom's shoes on feet <3

I spend A LOT of time wishing these difficult days away and looking forward to a more reasonable Grace, but I know I'll end up missing these days terribly.   I mean, could she be any more freakin adorable? 

Here's a little peek at what we've been up to lately.  

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  1. you'll miss these times more than you'll know enjoy them ...good luck



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