Thursday, March 8, 2012

Our little guppie has guppies!

Grace has fish!!  Four "highly resilient" little guppies, who the woman at Pet Smart assured me they were hard to kill.  For Christmas, G's Nana bought her an aquarium nightlight, which Grace absolutely adoredSadly, after many a night left on - the thing broke, leaving G fishless and fussy.  We figured what better way to remedy this than with the real thing!  

moving the tank upstairs tonight!

We found a great kit at Pet Smart that came with almost everything we needed to get G's first tank off and running.  Light, filter and tank for under $40!! We're planning on adding a few more plants and another couple fish, barring that we get through the first week without any casualties. Grace seems to love the little guys and can't stop yelling "ish!".  And the way I see it, anything that doesn't have poop that I have to clean up is a-okay in my book! :)

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1 comment:

  1. Great idea, my daughter would probably love this too.



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