Friday, February 3, 2012

Queen of the HALF-CRAFTS

If whipping up half scarfs or accidental pot holders were an Olympic event, I'd dominate.  Sadly, it is not.  The fact is - I'm a sucky crafter. 

I've always been a lover of creative arts.  In fact, I'm inclined to say that I excel at matters of the arts.  My projects are often ambitious and usually incorporate more skill than I comfortably possess. What has sparked my sudden   Exibit A.  - - and B. - - - and C.
half wreath

half sweater

soon to be half poncho
In addition to the above half-sies, I've got half an afghan, two half scarfs, and a host of "started as something else" potholders - scattered about my house.  Why you ask?  Put simply, I suffer from crafter's ADD.  I'll often troll for my next big craft, while still finishing up my current one.  This obviously isn't working.  And lord knows, Pinterest doesn't help.  ::sigh::

 I am a work in progress, diligently picking up where I left off on last weeks projects, and vowing that I won't start another til' I finish the last.  

But even with half projects and craft abominations strewn about, there is a silver lining.  Grace has a pony tail!!  (next project - hair accessories?!) 

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  1. Oh my god, my halfsies stash is embarrassing. You are not alone! :)

  2. you're an amazing crafter! always love seeing the new stuff you've made!

  3. HAHA... I LOVE this. And it's so true. Except instead of potholders, my screw-ups become cat toys.

  4. at least you do half... I never get to it. ;)



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