Monday, February 6, 2012

Punch Motherhood in the FACE

Days like today make me want to lock myself in the bathroom and scream - indefinitely.  You know the type.  One epic fail after another.

Grace has hit the so called "terrible twos" a little early.  She is into absolutely everything and has morphed into a pint sized wrecking ball.  She's constantly falling over or running head first into walls.  The daily wound count has grown exponentially, and it has become rather exhausting. 

Today's injury was at the hands of a Dora the Explorer lawn chair.   It was discovered that Grace loved the toddler sized chairs at a Super Bowl party over the weekend, and needless to say - we went right out to Toys R' Us and bought her one of her own.  

While we were there, we picked up a few other little things for G - mainly play food and little girl accessories (man does this kid love to accessorize).  The chair seemed like a perfect addition to our spoiled little girls mountain of playthings, until she decided to multitask.   Obviously there was no time for photography, but I'll set the scene for you.  Grace sitting on chair, reaching far stage left for her pretend chicken leg (girl likes her chicken), and takes a nasty tumble, literally landing between and rock (toy rock) and a hard place (wall).  I hurry to her aid and speak the couple words that always seem to make things worse.  "You're okay...".   Grace freaks.  

The next hour involved hugs and kisses, frozen mixed veggies, and a whole lot of Yo Gabba Gabba.  After a half an hour of icing the goose egg, Grace was back in the game.  Three seconds later, count them THREE, Grace hears the next episode of Gabba queuing up and whips her head around too quick for her own good - making a seriously unfortunate connection between the left side of her head and the wall.  Round two - crying, icing, gabba...

The remainder of the night was spend watching for excessive sleepiness and spontaneous digestive upset (a la concussion), but fortunately things seemed okay.  

The worry associated with mothering a toddler is insurmountable.  Sometimes it takes all I have not to bang my head into the wall.  Nothing feels quite as nice as seeing your slightly scuffed up toddler sleeping peacefully in her crib, finally safe and still.  It's evenings like this that Pino Grigio tastes the sweetest.

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