Monday, February 20, 2012

It's 3 o'clock in the morning..

I'd be lying if I said the sound of a shrieking toddler anytime after 11pm, wasn't like nails on a chalkboard.  Few things are as unfortunate as the bedtime "fake out", and tonight - that is exactly what Grace served up. 

As with most mothers, the daily nap and a reasonable bedtime are critical for my mental health.  No nap isn't necessarily a huge problem, but an overtired toddler who refuses to hit the hay at bedtime ... makes Mama want to punch holes in walls.

But tonight was different.  Grace woke up howling something wicked, with buckets of snot and tears running hither and yon.  What started as a simple tuck in and "little girls need to go to sleep"  pep talk,  carried over into a 3am cuddle session and a delightful viewing of the Netflix classic "Turtle: The Incredible Journey".  And let me tell you, it was incredible. 

As Grace cuddled with me, she watched intently as the turtles on TV waddling their way to the sea. I realized right then just how long it had been since G really let me hold her.  Grace has been on the move from 9 months old and has wanted little to do with snuggling and everything to do with mischief.  I don't often have time to reflect on how far we've come and how much Grace has grown, but tonight - I really felt it.  As I rocked my little girl, smelling her sweet hair and kissing her soft little ears, I realized my little turtle isn't so little anymore.

As with most moments of childhood, this one was fleeting, and before long Grace was off.   Grace went back to bed (with a few more tears and a bit more snot) and Ryan and I sat up, pretty amazed at the little girl we'd both created.  

Moments like that are what make sleepless nights, stretch marks, and tired mornings really worth while.  Being able to comfort my daughter in the middle of the night and share those special few minutes with her, fill my heart with a love that only Grace can conjure.  


  1. Aww poor thing. I know what you mean about the cuddles though. My daughter was sick about a month ago and she feel asleep on my chest at 5 0'clock at night which is unheard of. When my husband got home from work her stole her from me so she could sleep on his chest. I so miss those moments. It stinks that they have to sick or terrified for them to happen.

    1. I'll take the cuddles any way I can get em'. :)



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