Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Diet Coke is making me FATTER!?!

With spring on the horizon, one of the most dreaded difficult times of the year looms over me. Lent, aka, the longest 40 days of my life.  As a Catholic, I annually observe this tradition, with varying degrees of success.  Most years I choose something fairly easy to abstain from like ice cream or fried foods.  But this year I've decided to give up something that has really become a staple in my life since becoming a mother.  Diet. Frickin. Coke.  

I would be a big fat liar  fibbing a bit if I said I've always been successful in my Lenten endeavors. I usually make it about a week, then come up with a piss poor excuse on why I deserve                   .  But this year I'm determined to be successful.  Word on the street (aka those jerks from the FDA) is that Diet Coke might be totally awful for you.  I've read numerous articles on Aspartame poisoning and am pretty sure I'm down with the sickness.  And to add further insult to injury, I've also read that people who drink Diet Coke are 41% heavier than those who drink regular soda.  Well f#&K me.   So much for the whole diet thing. 

And so tonight I will bid adieu to my dear friend Diet Coke the only way I know how to - slammin the remainder of a 12 pack by candlelight.    


  1. just wanted to send some hugs your way today!! xoxo

  2. Hi Casey! Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Visiting from Bloggy Moms :)
    Yeah...this is a tough one. Diet coke is the bomb.
    You're too funny...good luck!!

  4. Thanks for visiting Devon! Day one down, 39 to go!

  5. Haha... love this! Good luck with your quitting, and I love the new blog design! :)



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