Wednesday, January 18, 2012

I'm allowed to be fat, I've got a toddler!

I confess, my post baby body might be a little less svelte than it once was, but then again - you probably knew that.  Pregnancy can suck for a host of reasons, including the dreaded PUPPS rash, but the whole "getting fat" thing, never really concerned me.  Pregnancy was the one time that you weren't harshed on for being a little thicker in the middle or reaching for that seventh third piece of pizza.  But, all good things do come to an end, and this Momma must get in shape.  

With Grace around, it's a little tough.  This little girl slams whole milk like its her job and lives for the bologna/cheese wrap up.  She could survive off string cheese alone and should probably undergo a Pringles intervention.  I do my absolute best to feed Grace the highest quality of food possible (pringles not withstanding), always seeking the most nutrition possible.  As a growing child, Grace needs the calories.  Sadly, dieting can get a little tricky with a full time snack monster by my side. 

It doesn't help matters that I have a full list of "Mommy and Me" activities set in place for G and I, many which include baked goods. And so I give you, Grace and I's slightly premature, valentine's day, cupcake extravaganza.    

Needless to say, we all enjoyed ourselves a festive valentine's cupcake, or two.  Diet success?  Meager. Was it worth it?  Duh.

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  1. I have yet to make cupcakes with my daughter but I really want to do it sometime soon.

  2. it was great, but quite messy! the once recommendation I have for those want to try it: strip them down before giving them their cupcake! Grace's "cupcake uniform" consisted of only a diaper and socks. Makes for a lot less laundry!!

  3. Oh yum! :) New follower via The Daily Wyatt. :)

  4. Hi Court! Thanks for following!!



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