Friday, January 20, 2012

Dear Winter - Take a Hike

Few things are as depressing as a Michigan winter.  Comparable only to such things as falling down the stairs in public, finding that you're one scoop short of a pot of coffee, and running out of wipes after a particularity shitty diapering -  winter in the mitten still manages to take the cake.

Today was supposed to be an enjoyable day.  We planned to visit the local ice fest, which I'd always avoided like the plague prior to becoming a Mama, but considering Grace's fascination with absolutely everything, I figured what the hell.  Then I realized that the high for today was 12º.  Dear winter, go die. 

little jerks.
 What the heck do people do when it is 12º outside?  I've never been a huge fan of the cold and I think winter sports are for chumps. Only once did I try and embrace the thrill of freshly fallen snow by hitting the slopes at Mount Brighton with a borrowed snowboard, only to come home with a bruised tail bone and seriously harshed ego. Turns out, 10 year old Shaun White wannabes aren't terribly tolerant of beginners on their bunny hills.  

The only slightly enjoyable part of that venture was the hot chocolate, but not nearly enough to warrant a return visit.  

And so, Grace and I planted our butts on the couch and Yo Gabba Gabba'ed the afternoon away.  Here's hoping winter graces us with some less that frigged weather so we can get our butts outside!  Until then, I'll be in Yo Gabba hell.  

What do you do when the weather sucks out? 

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