Saturday, December 17, 2011

What I'm Reading

As a stay at home mother, I sometimes feel a little bit "out of the loop".  I thirst for adult interaction and conversation that doesn't consist of made up words and fart noises. (Love ya Grace, but it gets a bit exhausting)

What's a lonely mama to do, you ask?  READ.  READ.  READ!!!

I'm strayed away from the romance novels I once loved, mostly because I think they're a crock, and have instead picked up a few mysteries.  Lately I've been bouncing back and forth between James Patterson novels and What to Expect the Second Year, but I found myself in need of something a little bit... funner.  (yes, I said FUNNER)

As an admitted Twilight fan, books much more than movies, I find myself really into the whole series bit.  So when my sister Kate offered to loan me the first book of the Hunger Games series, I was ready to dive right in.  

Yes, it is a young adults series, but I'm totally digging it.  Just enough drama and sass to keep me interested, without the super intense plot line that a toddler won't let you follow.  You see, with Grace around, I'm lucky if I get to read five consecutive pages from a book, so it can be a real challenge to stay with a difficult to follow story.  The only time heavy duty reading fits in is after G is down for the night, and by then I'm ready to crash myself.

With less than 20 pages left of book one in the series, I'm feening for book two!  What are you reading?!

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