Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The Dreaded Ugly Cry

Sometimes I wonder why I really write this blog.  Is there anybody out there reading this?  To all 4 and a half of my followers - THANK YOU.  Everyone else - thanks for nothin'.

This week has been... odd.  I'm not sure if this weirdness can be attributed to lack of sleep, the miserably cold weather and lack of sunshine,  or what, but I'm not feeling myself.  I can't seem to shake that "just about to weep" feeling, which likes to strike at the oddest of times.  

This afternoon, I should have been fairly relaxed.  I had a couple of hours of "Mommy time"and I always know better than to waste it.  Off I went, desperately seeking Christmas shite and caffeine. Before I even got out of our parking lot,  I became all weepy!  Turns out, I take super cheesy Christmas tunes really hard. Not long after, I was at the craft store and made what turned out to be a very depressing turn into the stamp aisle.  It didn't take long before I caught a glimpse of a "Welcome Baby" stamp and got all Emo once again.  For fear of "ugly crying" in public, I skedaddled right out of there. 

the dreaded ugly cry.

What the heck is wrong with me?  Fall blues hitting anyone else this hard? 
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