Saturday, October 29, 2011

Tonight, Ryan and I took advantage of some much needed 'couple time'.  We don't get too many moments alone together, so we're always extra excited when they come around.  Planning for the evening wasn't as easy as we expected.  Turns out, right around the time we became parents, we subsequently became incredibly uncool and thus had no idea what adults do for fun anymore.

We hit the adult arcade first, which for Ryan and I was like paradise.  This place had lots of the old favorites and some new ones too.  The place was huge and seemed like the place to be for young-ish adults.  After ski-balling our brains out, the next obvious stop involved food. 

Video games and late night burgers?  Sounds like old times. :) 

After a quick bite to eat, both of our internal Grace clocks were guiding us home.  We made it home just in time to get our little one to bed and briefly marvel how incredible Grace really is. 

Hours before, we'd yearned for the long lost freedom of our baby free days.  We wanted alone time and adult conversation.  But tonight, warm at home and with Grace tucked in bed, we realized there was no place we'd rather be! 

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  1. good for you! it's always nice to take a little time off and enjoy yourselves. :)



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