Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Much needed adventure

She LOVED the tube!
Today was a horribly gloomy day, filled with rain and unrelenting dreariness.  With outside play a non-option, I set my sights on venturing out.  Jungle Java it was.

I couldn't wait to get out of the house and try to have a bit of fun with Grace, but for those of you with toddlers, you know this is easier said than done.  After an hour of coaxing, I had finally got Grace out of her pajamas and into some warm clothes.  After several other stops, we made it to Jungle Java just in time for a downpour.  With limited parking, I was forced to the back of the lot but wasn't too worried about it until I realized how difficult it is to hustle with a 25lb. toddler.

Today's adventures reaffirmed what I already knew of myself and my child.  Grace is amazing and most other kids are kind of sucky.  But it isn't their fault that they're little brats, the responsibility is on their latte sipping Mama's.  Don't get me wrong, I like kids,  but when the rip the juice out of my daughter hand and make her cry, I quickly transform into the Hulk and want to start launching children over the jungle gym. 

After we finally got down to playing, we had a great time!  I think Grace really enjoyed being around the other kids (although I myself cannot agree).  For $3 admission, you really can't beat it.  After playing for an hour or so and a quick lunch, Grace was ready to crash right when we got home.   

I'm excited to have more adventures like this with Grace.  Next on the list - the Hands On Museum!  Can't wait!  

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