Thursday, August 11, 2011

Not a Baby, Yet Not Quite a Toddler.

Grace's first birthday is just around the corner (10 days to be exact), and I find myself feeling a whole slew of different emotions.  First of all, I'm psyched that we got through our first year of parenting without any colossal missteps - and let me tell you, there were some "touch and go" moments :).  Apart from this stunning accomplishment,  I find myself feeling a touch melancholy.  In case the sight of my little girl burrowing into her favorite blanket before bed, foregoing any cuddle time with me, wasn't depressing enough, I've come to the realization that it is time to start boxing up her outgrown clothes before moving them to storage.  While pilfering through newborn outfits and baby swaddling cloths can be irritating, they serve as a sweet little reminder of days past, and I always end up finding my way to Grace's 18month outfits.  Sadly, Grace's dresser drawers have reached maximum capacity and it's time for this Momma to clean house.  

As I started boxing up G's old digs, I couldn't help but wonder if and when I'd see them again.  I've said it before and I'll say it again - this Momma's in no hurry to have another.  I've got my hands full enough keeping Grace's Velcro shoes on her feet and loose change out of her mouth. Although I'm set for now, I do hope to someday experience the whole thing again.  There isn't anything quite as astonishing as the feeling of a baby moving around in your belly. I miss that most of all. 

Before I get too weepy over here, I'll change topics.  We're also in the beginning stages of finding a new place.  Our current spot is tiny.  When we first moved in and Grace was just a little cuddle bug, we called our place cozy.  With Grace now zooming back and forth, from toy to toy, practically bouncing off the walls, we often compare our space with that of a matchbook.   So the 'in-between' stage, between one place and another is always stressful and the idea of moving all of our stuff again is nauseating. I'm hoping to be less of a procrastinator and get a early start of all of the packing, but something tells me I'll still be rushing around on moving day.  For the time being, we're slaves to the apartment game, but I'm hoping we'll be homeowners someday soon.  

But before any of this moving stuff gets to be too suffocating, Grace's big birthday bash must commence.  Being the crafty,'do it yourself' pyscho I am, I've already bit off more than I can chew, but am hopeful that we can pull it off! With the 'to-do' list mounted on the fridge, I've just begun to tackle some of the preparatory tasks.  One of the major ones was Grace's first haircut.  I was hesitant at first, refusing to part with any of those fuzzy little hairs, but I finally caved.  Too neurotic to cut her hair myself, for fear of cutting her ear off or the dreaded bowl cut, we decided to take her to a kids only place where they specialize in wiggly little heads of hair.  They had a whole little production, from beginning to end, with cutesy little kid things and even a prize at the end! (I'll be making my appointment later this week :p)

I was so proud (and shocked) of Grace for sitting there like a big girl the whole time without an ounce of fuss! She's getting to be such a little girl! 

Needless to say, this month is a crazy one - filled with happiness, nervousness and nostalgia.  I'm so excited for Grace's big day and her leap from 'baby hood'. But am I really ready for a toddler?!?!

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