Thursday, April 28, 2011

Dear Grace

Dear Grace,

You're eight months old! Holy COW! Not too long ago you could barely hold your head up.  These days, its hard to keep you from climbing the bookshelves! You're growing fast and growing strong, fine tuning your own unique personality every day.  You know what you like and refuse to settle for anything less!  Your precious giggles and developing "da-da"'s are charming, second only to your big brown eyes. It isn't easy to get things done with you these days, as you're more interested in big girl things than your Fisher Price collection. Our first Easter as a family was amazing.  You are a social butterfly, but still cling to me when you're in doubt (which I LOVE). 

You look like you're ready to walk any day! You stand up and cruise around "Graceland" with ease, exploring any and everything. You are a bit of a dare devil and try to walk all the time.  You've grasped standing still on your own, but those first few steps have yet to be successful.  I've heard that girls advance quicker than boys, but this is ridiculous! You are AMAZING!

We're closing in on your last few days of physical therapy and you've done great.  I imagine that some parents have a heck of a time getting their little ones to cooperate, but you've made my job easy!  Your doctor loves you and your dance moves.  Any time she puts music on you start to boogie! Every time we're there I can't help but notice they other kids, many who have some serious problems.  I thank God every time we leave for giving us such a healthy little girl.  We finally made the call to get you a helmet to correct the minor flatness of your head. Although I was leaning towards not getting the helmet, we decided to give it a shot while the window of opportunity was open. Because you have such a mild case, you should only have to wear the helmet for a month.  I'm hoping you'll do okay with it.  I can't stand the thought of you being upset or uncomfortable.  :(

You've brought us so much joy!  You've given me a true understanding of just how rewarding motherhood is and how much I have to look forward to in the future!  I started my exercise program this week and you've been a real trooper throughout! You'll have a skinny Mama in no time! 

Love you G,


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