Thursday, November 18, 2010

Tis' the Season

With the holidays upon us, we had our first official "family portraits" taken! While a few of them feature the cliche grins and uncomfortable poses, Grace was the star! Grace was all giggles and seemed fairly entertained by the whole process.  Not a single tear was shed! The viewing/ordering stage went fairly well.  Grace fell asleep with a bottle in her mouth while Ryan and I exchanged some delightful banter over who had a worse double chin.  One thing we couldn't disagree on what our gorgeous little lady!

Sneak Peek!!

 Today I went to the library and took my inaugural steps into the children's section. Aside from the pesky 4 foot tall bookshelves and computers, it was awesome! I spent an hour looking through picture books and Baby Einstein DVD's, and left with a pile of books for Grace.  Being an avid reader myself, it is important to me to read to Grace.  Although she doesn't really comprehend Clifford the big red dog, I really think she enjoys the voices and pictures! - - plus its a nice trip down memory lane for me!  I can't wait until Grace is old enough to really appreciate all of the cool stuff the library has to offer kids!  

Our little monkey is really growing fast! We've worked our way through all of our 3-6 month clothes and are on to bigger and TALLER things! With her first Christmas right around the corner, I am constantly scouring websites and magazines for the best baby toys out there! I can't wait! Its amazing how things change.  Last year my email inbox was filled with spam from Cosmopolitan Magazine.  This year I'm full of Gerber Baby updates, Babies R' Us coupons and Parents magazine invoices! - Its amazing how exciting and fulfilling a baby is!

Finally, I've captured footage of Grace's snoring action.  Between Grace and Ryan, its amazing they don't set off the car alarms outside! I hope you enjoy her sweet snoring as much as I do!

(special message from Daddy at the end :)

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