Saturday, November 20, 2010

This Baby Can Roll!

Yes, its official.  GRACE ROLLED OVER!! She is no longer tummy bound, shes got options now.  Tummy? Back? Don't ask me, ask Grace.

Before this monumental roll, things we a bit sad on the home front.  Ryan and his brother had the unfortunate task  of putting their dog to sleep. Never was there a better beagle or pair of beagle owners.  Rex lacked what some would call "skills" and didn't in fact, ever catch a rabbit - but he was one of the best hound dogs I've ever known.  He could skip along with the best of them, pick up a squirrel's trail 20 miles away, and sniff a corn dog out in a field - better than any dog around.  He was hungry often, smelly sometimes, and happy always.  He will be dearly missed and not forgotten.  We love you Rex. 

It was as though Grace could sense that everybody needed some cheering up.  She was full of laughs, skipped any semblance of tears and dazzled us with her skills.  She lit up when she realized what she'd done.  With a proud grin and a sparkle of defiance in her eyes, she rolled and rolled and rolled again! There's no keeping this one down! At our last doctors appointment, the doctor wished us good luck because "this one was going to move fast!".  She noted that she would likely crawl and walk early.  Yikes! 

If you need us, we'll be childproofing the house!

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