Friday, January 31, 2014

here we go again...

I recently watched a video on 'the art of gratitude'.  When I first saw this video trending on my Facebook feed, I'll admit, I was annoyed.  Generally, if I'm perusing the social network, I'm looking for raw, trashy, mostly fictitious gossip.  I want to see the people I went to high school with making bad choices, updates on Kim Kardashian's epic life fails, and Bieber.  Keep it light, right?  But this one stuck out.  The thumbnail on the video was a chick crying, so I thought, "what they hell, this could be good".

The video went on to interview several people about their current state of happiness and what they thought might make them happier.  Every person said variations of the same answer.  More money, more stuff, less work and more fun.  The guy who led the "experiment" looked like a 15 year old serial killer but he wore a lab coat, so I just went with it.

He goes on to ask them to think of someone who was really important to them, and write down their thoughts and reasons for picking that person.  They go on to make the subjects call the people they chose and read them their thoughts. Naturally, as an emotional basket case, I was hysterical pretty quickly.  But the video succeeded in provoking thought to the things and people I have in my life, instead of that which I don't have. 

Since I last wrote, quite a bit has changed.  Ryan and I are engaged and getting married in just under 4 months.  Grace is three and a half and I'm filling out preschool registration forms and t-ball league packets.  We have a 40lb. beagle who can't tell his ass from a bag of Doritos, and a house with approximately no closet space.  Grace is sassy, Ryan's working on a ton of cool projects, and I'm failing miserably at a wedding diet.  We're surrounded by family and our hearts are full of gratitude. Ryan and I are closer than we've ever been and our little girl is arguably the coolest person either of us know (seriously, she's way cooler than you).  Life is so good.

In reality, the video was about a 6 on a scale of 1-10, but something about watching that really made me stop and think.  Give it a watch if you have a few minutes, might make you count your blessings a little more often...


  1. This is really nice topic, which is very use full for me.

  2. Thank you for sharing. This is so's easy to compare ourselves to others and be upset by what we don't have while ignoring what we do have. I want to try to be more grateful myself..thinking about starting a gratitude journal.



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