Friday, October 19, 2012

My favorite days are SICK days.

 Grace has two speeds - 100% health, totally crazy toddler mode, which involves very little listening, quite a bit of whining and more Yo Gabba Gabba than a sane adult can take.  Then, there is sickly Grace.  Sickly Grace intermittently smiles, trys to boogie to Yo Gabba Gabba, and only has taste for bananas and Ritz crackers.  That particular brand of Grace involves a lot of snot, 10-20 diapers and a whole lot of "it hurrrrts" and "no morrrrre"'s. Yo Gabba Gabba still occupies the air waves, but it doesn't bring the normal giggles it usually does and that is when you know Grace is under the weather.

There is only one thing that can make Grace feel even remotely better on days like this and its cuddles; head on the shoulder, soft cooing, overly warm and a little sweaty, cuddles.  Add a slightly matted nene (g's name for her special blanket) to the equation and some seriously bad toddler halitosis and you've got my favorite kind of day. Something about the intense love this kid dishes out and the way she needs me when she's under the weather just melts my heart and I secretly wish it would last forever. 

I'd like to add here that Grace ONLY wants to cuddle with me when she's sick, which is a super diss to Ryan.  Normally I don't like to brag, but something about this just makes me want to shout from the roof top "Na Na Na Na POO POO!".  Sorry sucka babe!

This type of magical day only works if I'm not sick as well.  Of course yesterday's snuggle-a-thon had repercussions and I'm paying the piper today. Grace is back to her old tricks and I'm concerned that they may have to amputate my nose due to excessive stuffiness.  I've been in PJ's all day, moving from the couch only when absolutely necessary, like to pay the pizza guy. Grace wants nothing to do with me, understandably so.  Who wants to snuggle with a sick person.  Oh, wait.

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