Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Weep Fest 2012

So we're moving (blech) and we're in the throws of packing.  I'm a  bit of a "keeper". I hesitate to use the term "hoarder" as I have no desire to hang on to gross things or items that may at some point become a bio-hazard, but I might like to hang on to a few useless items here and there. 

If Ryan could have it his way, he'd pitch a lot of Grace's old things.  They have filled her bedroom closet for the past 6-12 months, leaving little room for the stuff she actually is using.  Apartment storage SUCKS.  I have a realllllly difficult time parting with a lot of these items mainly because I'm not sure if and when we might have another child. I'm in no hurry to jump on the baby train again, but I would definitely like to save the hundreds of dollars in baby gear come time for #2.

And so it began; hostel organization and purge of baby shit 2012.  It was happy, it was sad, and it was down right liberating!!

 Pile #1 included such treasures as Grace's coming home outfit and a TON of sleepers

this little ravioli watched intently as i organized and occasionally shed a tear.

Getting rid of some of Grace's old things wouldn't be such a difficult task if there were so many of these damn animal butts.  I lost count somewhere around a two dozen pairs of animal tushes, and realized in a hurry that I might have to toss a few more items than I had planned.  I had allotted one Rubbermaid for this purpose and was NOT going to exceed it!

  Next stop were the onesies.  Son of a bi*ch onesies.  I swear it doesn't matter what the item is, shrink it down to newborn size and its the most adorable thing you'll ever see.  Grace was 9lb newborn and thus never even  fit into those tiny little guys!  For that reason alone - I hung on to these.  Whats the use in pitching a perfectly good, never been used, absolutely frickin adorable baby top?  Exactly. 

you win for now, onesie.

So after all those, I hit the holiday pile.  Those few useless tops that are only really worn once or twice.  After all how many 'first easters' can a kid have? KEEP!

And just when I thought I was nearing the end, I found these.  Frickin, bear feet.  I have yet to find something cuter than these guys and down right refuse to part with them.

  And so, after two hours of folding and a whole lot of reminiscing, I was done.  Grace's hand me downs are ready for storage, where they will stay until a little baby "stella" or perhaps an "andy" makes their appearance.  Final product? 

One seriously jam packed Rubbermaid!

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