Friday, January 27, 2012

to pup or not to pup

The great debate this week has sounded a little bit like this: 

"I want a puppy!!" 

"I don't want to clean up more  poop than I already have to"

"But I want a puppy!"

"Well, okay."

And so, we're kind of on puppy watch.  We're in the early stages, research and puppy hunting, but I think we're on the same page.  Come spring, come new fence installation, we might be a family of four.  What kind of dog will we be adding, you ask?  Still up for negotiations.  I think we'd both like a rescue puppy, but I've always been a little leary of their back stories.  Grace is obviously our top priority and so a nice temperament is absolutely mandatory

That being said, we're keeping our eyes peeled.  BUT, we're leaning towards this little guy.  Cute overload, right?!

Beagle Golden Retriever mix, aka, BEAGO!

Any advice for new puppy owners?   Breeds to avoid? Or tips for toddler/puppy relations?!   
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  1. We have a Boston Terrier and I don't think I will ever own another breed. We had her for 2 years before the baby but she is seriously the best. I would recommend a girl dog and that you get her spayed.

  2. thanks! appreciate the advice! Boston Terriers are ADORABLE!



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