Thursday, January 12, 2012

Dear Grace,

Where did the time go? You're sixteen months old now and running circle around your old mom.  You've got the best personality;  always happy and constantly sassy.  Watching you blossom (did i just say blossom?) has been an amazing privilege for your dad and I, although we're scared you'll be ruling the house soon. 

We're all moved into our new place, and you seem to have adjusted nicely.  We just started to decorate your room this week and regrettably it has started to resemble a Chinese restaurant. Paper lanterns, cherry blossoms, and our little won ton :)

 Allegedly we're supposed to get some snow over the next few days and your dad and I can hardly wait to toss your little butt in the snow!  (gently, of course).  You're very curious about that which awaits you outside.  You spend every possible second  peeking out the window, which is the perfect height for you, and we've even taken to eating with the front door open!  

I know I've said this a hundred times, but the feeling doesn't seem to fade.  I love  you so much Grace.  You make every day worth waking up for, and we all know just how much I LOVE to sleep.  Your smile is peerless and your laughter is infectious.  It's hard to remember myself ever being as happy as am when I see you running around the living room, piling up each and every stuffed animal you have - giving every monkey, pig, and bear a kiss before dropping them.  You've fulfilled our lives in a way we didn't know was imaginable.  

Thanks for making ever day the best day, Grace.  We love you so much!

Love, Mom

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