Thursday, December 1, 2011

I just want to PEE alone

Nap time!  GOD HOW I LOVE NAP TIME.  There is no way to fully express to you the sheer joy I feel when Grace is napping peacefully and I get to tend to some DVRed Real Housewives of Beverly Hills household chores.  

Sometimes, if I'm extra lucky, I score a little cat nap myself.  Why does she need a nap, you ask.  Because chasing around a toddler morning, noon and night is EXHAUSTING

Today Grace's big adventure was creating a refried bean headdress for herself at lunch time.  After making her a delightful "Mexican-ish" lunch featuring bean and cheese roll ups and rice, Grace showed her gratitude by plastering said beans all over her body - eyebrows, ears and everywhere else imaginable.  Ever scrubbed refried beans from a toddler's eyebrows?  I have.

Anyhow, it is nap time now and I feel like I just one the freakin' lottery.  Hilariously, I stumbled upon a few fairly accurate portrayals of motherhood on Pinterest.  Here are a few of my favorites.

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