Monday, December 12, 2011

Dear Grace

Dear Grace,

You're sitting right next to me gobbling up some cheese ravioli, so this post may be brief.  This month has been great.  You're so fun to be around lately; always happy with such a contagious smile.  We still have our rough nights though, when you want to stay up all night watching Yo Gabba and snuggling with your bears.   Last night was one of those nights so I apologize if your Mama's dragging a little bit today.

You're very talkative.  You try to mimic almost everything you see and hear. (note to self:  quit cursing!)  Favorites this week include pointing out your "black bear" and blowing kisses.  You're such a loving little girl, Grace, always sharing your toys with us and even trying to give us bites during dinner!

playing music with Daddy <3
I can't wait to see your little butt on Christmas morning.  The next few weeks are shaping up to be busy ones, but I can bet you'll be a trooper.  If you can believe it, your Mom is done with all of her Christmas shopping!!   If you know anything about your Grandma Hogan, you'll know that I'm genetically programmed to start shopping on December 20th,  somehow managing to pull off an awesome holiday.  This year I started early and I must admit, it feels good to have it all done and stay the heck out of those stores!

Sadly, tomorrow is shot day.  Your check up and vaccinations are tomorrow but I'm hoping you won't be mad at me for too long.  Last time, the doctor let me hold you when he did all of his business and I sure hope that is the case tomorrow.  Other times, I'm the resident baby restrainer, who has the pleasure of watching her babies eyes fill up with tears, all while you stare right through me as if to say "Why Mom?  What did I do wrong?" Needless to say, I leave wanting to punch every doctor and nurse in the face, but refrain. 

That is all for now, as your beckoning for more garlic bread!  So excited to see spend Christmas with you, G.  Love you so much.

Love, Mom
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