Friday, November 25, 2011

Tis' The Season

Now that Thanksgiving is officially over, I can really start to think about Christmas.  Although I'm generally a pretty excitable person, this Christmas has me seriously pumped.  This will be Grace's first time really experiencing Christmas morning, and all of the fun that comes along with the holiday!  That being said, Grace came up with her Christmas list.  

(okay, i helped a little, but it would have been all her if she could say more than 5 words!)
1. Yo Gabba Radio! -  She NEEDS this.  It even hooks up to an Ipod!  
2.Fisher Price Laugh and Learn CD Player - Cuz she likes to rock. 
3.Fisher Price Fun 2 Imagine Cash Register - Our little cashier <3 
4.Little Tikes Gas N' Go Mower - Might as teach her early :)
5. Yo Gabba Gabba Muno Cuddle Pillow - He's adorable, right? 
6. Ten Little Ladybugs Book - Working on her library.
7. Rockin Rider Legacy Grow With Me Pony - Because IT IS TOTALLY SWEET!  This this would hold my weight?
8. Baby Born Doll - Her first baby doll! 
9. Mega Blocks Play n' Go Table - Who doesn't like to build stuff with blocks?!
10. Yo Gabba Gabba Brobee Cuddle Pillow - Because one Gabba pillow just isn't enough.
11. Little Tikes Pick Cozy Coupe - She rode in this on Thanksgiving at her cousins house and LOVED IT.
12. Fisher Price Laugh and Learn Tea Set - Tea parties with Grace!!

Oh wait, what's that?  Santa wants to get Mommy a few things too?  

1.  Nikon D3100 DSLR Camera - Because I want it REALLY, REALLY, REALLY badly.
2. Red KitchenAid Mixer - So I can become the domestic goddess I'm destined to be. 
3.  Adorably cute Winter Boots from Target - because I don't want cold tootsers. 
4. One Skein Wonders -  Coolest knit book ever!

So that's it Santa.  If you could just get all of the above items beneath my tree by 8am on December 25th, we'll be all set.  K, thanks. 
P.S - we've all been really good this year :)

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  1. for real. those target boots are AWESOME. I AM LUSTING AFTER THEM SO BAD. and the kid version? yes please.

  2. looks like a great list. I'm stopping by from the fest. and im a new follower

  3. Thanks Katie! I'll be sure to check you out too!

  4. And Chelsea - I may just be purchasing these for myself in the near future!



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