Thursday, October 20, 2011

Today, I helped raise a human being

Every time I look at Grace, it hits me a little harder.  Two years ago she didn't exist.  There was no baby, no blog, and no big brown eyes.  This little person came to be thanks only in part to Ryan and I.  Without any planning and with little preparation, we hit the jackpot.  
As though the concept of conception and fetal development isn't fascinating (and freaky) enough,  the true amazement doesn't really strike until well after your child is born.  

This little person whom you created looks a little bit like you.  She has your eyes and her daddy's grin, but has an independence that is all her own.  She has a determination that reminds you of your older sister and you could swear you've seen your own Dad make the face she's giving you right now.  

This little person who is constantly growing and changing, is the perfect mix of everyone you love.  What a crazy concept. 

In our case, Grace really is quite the cocktail.  She's sweet and sometimes sour; hilarious and brilliantly mischievous.  Sometimes just after I finish coaxing Grace off of the bookshelf she's most recently scaled, I think back to the kind of children Ryan and I were, and cringe.  Lord knows we've earned every bit of hyper activity and mischief Grace tosses our way.  But after an exhaustively long day of chasing her around and trying desperately to teach her that electrical cords aren't toys, and somewhere between her skipped nap and the meatball fiasco at dinner, she flashes you that smile, and you carry on. 

I lose my mind almost daily (Correction - Almost  DAILY), but remind myself just how important the job I'm doing really is.  Two years ago, I spent my days watching reruns of LOST and my nights wasting time in local pubs. 

Today, I helped raise a human being; A beautifully brilliant, baby girl. 

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