Thursday, August 25, 2011

Update from Mommyville

Happy Birthday Grace!
It has been a mighty busy week over here in Graceland.  Grace is now ONE.  No longer a baby, very much so a toddler.  I purchased my first half gallon of whole milk for Grace and have begun the transition from formula to milk.  Grace is allegedly ready for milk,  which is only to be drank from a sippy cup - as per doctor's orders.  Grace won't have any of this.  She knows what she likes and she wishes we'd quit giving her a hard time.  She isn't thrilled with the idea of a sippy cup and isn't shy about letting us know.  I've read that you're supposed to offer the sippy cup exclusively, without returning to the bottle, but I fear Grace will die of thirst.  Yesterday, Grace went on an apple juice sabbatical (which never happens; apple juice is like gold in this house), refusing to even touch the sippy cup and repeatedly tossing the cup out of her stroller.  I repeat, Grace is NOT into change.

In other news, Grace's big party is this weekend and I've turned into a type-a partyzilla.  I'm not obsessed with perfection, I'm paranoid of my lack of perfection.  What if we run out of food?  What if I forget to pick up the cake? And what the 'F' will happen if I am a goody bag short?!  I admit, I'd much prefer starving adult to upset children - hence my goody bag neurosis, but I know I must relax.  I've made my lists and I've checked them twice (more like a zillion time), and I'm confident things will work out great! ... I hope.

Not much else to report over here in Mommyville - just going with the flow and trying not to lose my mind!  Grace is a bundle of energy and is as curious as can be, which equals one seriously wiped out Momma!  People keep telling me that I will miss these days and I'm sure they are right.  However, I can't help but long for the days when Grace knows the difference between food and non-food items, for example - rocks.  

Until then, I'm one step behind her in full hover mode, ready for battle against life's twigs and pebbles. :) 
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