Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Growing Up Gracie

Today I lowered Grace's crib to the lowest and final level available.  After walking into her bedroom this morning and watching her carefully sling her leg over the railing, laying the ground work for her epic escape, I pulled out the screw driver and lowered the darn thing.  For weeks, I've been keeping an eye on the level, leaving it at such a height that Grace can see over the railing with the top of the rail meeting her shoulders.  It wasn't until I watched my Amazon child and her dexterous ways at work that I imagined the catastrophic possibilities of an unassisted escape.  I can imagine Grace waddling around the house in her diaper, with the same expression on her face as when she runs freely through the park.  I imagine she'd fix herself some breakfast and a jigger of Enfamil, and then luxuriously lay on the couch, finally able to watch Yo Gabba Gabba in peace - without those pesky parents around.  

 After daydreaming of Grace's wild adventures, it dawned on me that the next step for this little escapee is a toddler bed.  I know I've got a while before I actually have to go out and get one, but what better time than now to get nostalgic about the first time we laid Grace in her crib and how far from those days we are now.

Once I get in a nostalgic mood, I'm hard pressed to find my way out.  After getting Grace down for a nap in her freshly lowered crib, I found some old pictures of our first few days together.  Amazingly, I'd never seen these ones, but love them to death

It is hard to believe how far we've come.  Grace has grown to be such an independent little girl; it's hard to believe she was ever this tiny.  Fortunately, Ryan and I are like the paparazzi and are constantly snapping photos.  It is comforting to know that the days of newborn babies and tiny little clothes are never too far away.  For comparisons sake, here is a shot from Grace's nap this afternoon :) 

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